Monday 29 June 2015

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Review

I am the kind of person who needs to feel super smooth. I probably exfoliate too much if I'm entirely honest, about 3 to 4 times a week. I just love the feeling of scrubbing all the grime off my skin.

So I do see myself as a bit of a body scrub connissuer (ha!) as I've literally tried and tested so many. I absolutely adore Soap & Glory on the whole, and I have already been through tubs and tubs of  Flake Away Body Polish and Sugar Crush Body Scrub - I loooooove them. (I have also dabbled in a bit of Pulp Friction Body Scrub but I'm not a massive fan). 

 I saw Tanya Burr put this in one of her favourite videos on Youtube recently and I knew I had to pick it up by the way she described it. She said she uses it dry on her skin before she gets in the water, which I did try, but I think my skin is just too sensitive for that as it was a bit painful.

What I normally love to do with exfoliaters is scoop it up with exfoliating gloves and scrub myself all over (I use these ones from Boots, as they're cheap). I feel like it's 2X exfoliating (?!) if that makes any sense.  

With this Smoothie Scrub, I found it was very fine like Flake Away - which is what I love in exfoliaters, I can't be dealing with chunks. However, it did seem to ball up a bit on my gloves, and it worked better with my own hands - which made me very sad to have to part from my gloves :( 

The main thing though - the smell. Oh my god, it smells like oats and honey and porridge and syrupy banana loaf! As you can see from the picture it has lush ingredients like sugar, honey, shea, banana oats and almonds. Soap and Glory stuff always smells incredible and this is my favourite scent so far. Please even if you don't buy it just nip in to Boots and smell it! 

On the whole I do really like this scrub, its only £8 which is such good value - but I don't know if anything will ever beat my precious Flake Away!

What do you guys think of Soap & Glory? Have you tried any of their scrubs? Let me know!

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