Monday 3 August 2015

Finding My New Summer Fragrance...

At the end of winter 2015, I decided it was time to put down my strong perfumes and look for something a little fresher and sweeter for the sunnier months...

 I knew I wanted something that was an 'eau de parfum' - I always think they are better value for money. That is probably totally illogical, but I do feel like I have to apply it less if it is more concentrated. (does that even make sense?) I really don't know a great deal about perfumes at all, I just know I want a scent that lasts.

I am always really thorough when I get a new perfume. I rarely chop and change - I stick to my staple fragrances quite religiously, so it is hard for me to invest in a new scent if I'm not 100% sure. One thing I alwaaaaays do when looking for a new perfume is buy loads and loads of samples. I go on to the Boots fragrance finder (which is shit) but it gives me some ideas of fragrances I may like. I then do a bit of research, find similar scents to ones I normally like - then order a load of samples from Ebay. (Really not spontaneous!)

Not only does it give me loads of little travel sizes to take in my handbag or on a night out, but it also means I can actually try a loads of perfumes. I find it so much better than sniffing a thousand paper sticks in the Boots fragrance section, which just gives me a headache and puts me under pressure!

So I did all of that, tried a billion perfumes, and this one stood out to me above them all...


Its sweet, citrusy, feminine, sexy. It's just everything I could ever want in a perfume. Normally I don't even pay attention to/care about the 'notes' in perfumes because I don't really understand it, and I can never even smell all this amazing stuff that's meant to be in the perfume.

But when I read the notes in this perfume you can actually smell it all in there:

Cranberry, Italian Winter Lemon, Green Tea, White Peony, Sambac Jasmine, Blond Woods, White Musks, Patchouli

When you first spritz it is really delicious and fresh, and it stays lush and summery throughout the day. But by the end of the day you're left with a really musky, deep scent - I love it!

What's your fave summer scent? Do you switch up your perfumes with the seasons?

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