Monday 9 November 2015

Make Up Revolution Blush Palette Review

I'm happy to admit I've never really cared about blushers - I'd so much rather spend my money on lip and eye products. It's strange because I'm so so obsessed with highlighters, but blushers never really attract me. 

However, I knew I needed to stray from the 2 single Clinique blushes I use evey single day. When I saw this Make Up Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Superdrug, I immediately bought it. They do so many different themes of this palette too - all gorgeous. This one's called Sugar and Spice and it's my absolute favourite of them all.

They are the best consistency for blushes - creamy but not too pigmented. Blushes are probably the only product I actually want to be sheer, and these are perfect. My favourite shade is the orangey one, it looks so nice on all skin tones.

Then end two that are super super glittery, I don't personally use. I use a lot of highlighter every single day so a shimmery blush would just be way too much. But recently I have found them to be really great eye shadows (as they all would be I guess, if you go for that colour). 

Here are all the shades swatched on my arm (going top to bottom, from left to right):

I normally just apply with a Morphe Angled Blush Brush, and blend it up and out on my cheeks. 

And for £6 there's no reason not to pick one up! 

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Sunday 8 November 2015

MAC Holiday Collection 2015: Magic Of The Night Lip Liner & Lipstick

The last thing I bought were these amazing bits from the Magic of the Night Holiday Collection.. these are definitely my favourite bits. The packaging is so so gorgeous. 

The lipstick looks like a sassy bullet from a gun! I love that even the boxes are metallic purple too! 

The lipstick is in the shade "Darkside", which is a dark red-burgundy. It's also an amplified finish, which is my absolute favourite type of MAC lipstick. They are always so so pigmented and long wearing - but moisturising. 

The liner goes absolutely perfectly with the lipstick. I normally struggle with really dark lip liners. I find that they cling on to dry patches, no matter how moisturised my lips are ('Currant' by MAC especially). They also tend to bleed and just be generally hard to work with. That's probably more my lack of skill though.

I found this lip liner lovely! It's a really dark plummy colour. It goes on really smoothly, and its so creamy and lovely. And also in the metallic packing!

Here are both the products swatched. The liner is a lot darker than the lipstick, so the liner definitely brings the darkness to the whole look. You can just use the liner lightly, or darken it up, which I love.

I also use the lipstick on it's own a lot for a less intense burgundy lip.

What do you think about MAC's holiday collection? Have you picked up anything from it?

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Friday 6 November 2015

MAC Holiday Collection 2015: Enchanted Eve Nude Lip Bag

The third thing I bought from the MAC Holiday Collection is this Enchanted Eve Lip Bag in Nude! This trio would normally cost around £43, so £34 is a bargain in my eyes - especially as it comes with this handy make-up bag! You can also get the same kit in red and pink too, but I already have loads of products in those colours.

The three together make a really lovely pinky nude colour. It's quite a darkish nude on me as I'm really pale, but I think it would be lovely on all skin tones. I love each product equally, and sometimes just wear one alone - you definitely don't have to wear them as a trio every time!

And can we just take a second for the packaging....... I love it!!! It's so special and pretty!

The lip liner is in the cult shade 'Boldly Bare'. This is actually a colour I've been lusting over for ages, so I was thrilled that it was in this set! It's a long wearing dusky pink-brown. It's really matte and pigmented, so it's perfect alone with just a clear gloss.  

The lipstick is the famous shade 'Crème cup'. I feel like everyone in the whole world has this colour, but I have never owned it! It's a really classic pale pink colour. It's the perfect wintery nude for me! And as it's a cremesheen its really moisturising and sheer - which is perfect for these frosty months!

Then lastly, the gloss is 'Cherry Blossom'. I can never bring my self to buy glosses, because they rarely interest me - I'd always rather buy vibrant lipsticks! So when I saw this was in the set for amazing value I was keen. I have a few limited edition MAC glosses, and I found them really really sticky. However, this gloss is really smooth and buttery - not what I expected at all! It's a very pretty glittery pink that looks lovely over the liner and lipstick, or just solo for a stripped down look.

Here are the 3 shades swatched. The left is the liner, and the right is the gloss. As you can see they lighten up, leaving the lightest colour on top - it creates a really gorgeous ombre lip. As opposed to the intense ombre lips you normally see this one looks really lovely and understated. 

All in all, I think the set is amazing value!

 The colours are really iconic and wearable so it would be a perfect present for someone just getting into high-end make-up. I never buy or own nudes personally, so it was the perfect thing for me to buy for myself! 

On Sunday, I'll be talking about some pieces from the Magic of the Night collection, pictured below:

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Wednesday 4 November 2015

MAC Holiday Collection 2015: Enchanted Eve Warm Eyes Palette

I feel like I've been really obsessed with everything neutral and earthy on my eyes at the moment. I rarely ever go for any colour! So for my second MAC Holiday Collection 2015 post, I wanted to talk about this 'Enchanted Eve' eye shadow palette. The 'warm' palette looked so handy to me, as it has loads of neutral colours perfect for everyday or a night out. They also come in mauve and navy - the mauve one is beautiful!

It comes in almost identical packaging as the pigment set, except the box is solid plastic as opposed to cushioned faux leather. It still has those coloured glass panels that I loooove!

The colours are swatched the opposite way to the palette, so from left to right on my hand they are:

- Seasonal Spirit: a pale gold shimmery colour. As you can tell it takes a lot to build up the colour, its very sheer and silky - but I like it!

- Retrospeck: a very shimmery warm beige colour. It is a really great neutral colour that will go with pretty much any eye look.

- Sax Appeal: a soft taupe shadow, that's not completely matte and has a bit of a sheen to it. 

- Moodmaker: a rich coppery colour, which I absolutely love with a smokey eye!

- Charcoal Brown: exactly what it says, a completely matte brown the colour of Cadbury's chocolate. It a really lovely warm brown, which seems so simple but I don't actually own anything like it. 

- Bewitchin: a classic dark brown colour very similar to Mac's 'Brun' but with tiny specks of glitter in it that look almost purple!

This palette is such a perfect size for travelling too, I can just tell I will be taking it everywhere with me. It is full of rich warm browns that are perfect or this time of year! I'm so happy I picked it up!

Have you tried any of Mac's eye palettes? What do you think of them?

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Monday 2 November 2015

MAC Holiday Collection 2015: Irresistibly Charming Gold Pigments

For my first post in my MAC Holiday Collection 2015 Week, I wanted to talk about these amazing mini pigment sets. They also come in purple and blue, but I just loved the gold set. I think these mini sets are so handy, because I would definitely never use up a full size pigment.

For £26, the pigments only come around at £6.50 a bottle, and they come in this cute case! The case is actually really sturdy and good quality - it's a bit like a ring box. The coloured plastic on the front actually looks like beautiful glass, it is so nice! I would never have put this packaging together for a Christmas collection, but I now think its so so perfect and festive!

I actually think they look quite different to how they do on the website, but I love them all the same.

From left to right they are Naked, Blonde's Gold Out All Night and Reflects Bronze.

Naked is a fleshy coloured shimmer, it just gives a really subtle "glow within" sheen to the skin. I love it on the inner corners on the eyes, instead of something harsher that I would usually use like white, gold or silver. 

Blonde's Gold is the perfect caramel shimmery gold. I like it just all over the lid because it's so lovely and shimmery. It's so finely milled that it gives more of a sheen than a really glittery look.

Out all night reminds me so much of Smog by Urban Decay - it's a really sultry deep coppery bronze. It's really great under your eyes to make them really smokey!

Now on to my absolute favourite: Reflects Bronze. It is the most in your face Bronze Glitter ever! I absolutely adore it! 

I've never really been into pigments, they just seemed like such a faff. But I have absolutely loving these ones! I just mix them in the lid with a bit of Fix + (or water) and pack them on to make them really bright. Or just use them as they for a less out there look!

All in all, I think these are a must-have, and perfect for a present! (Even if its just from you, to you)

What do you guys think of MAC's new collection? Let me know!

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Sunday 1 November 2015

October Favourites!

It's nearly Halloween! And October has been a really stressful month for me as I've been knee deep in uni work. So naturally I felt I deserved loads of new stuff.. Ooops..   Here's a run down of the things I've been loving this month:

I had mentally blocking it out when I walk past Topshop's beautiful 5-year anniversary collection - but one day I just couldn't resist. The rose gold packaging is so so beautiful - it should seriously be their new all-the-time packaging. 

I love Topshop lipticks in general so I picked the classic shade 'Nevada' - worn by every blogger in the world. Ever. Don't be alarmed by it's flesh colour if you wear it more sheer it's a lovely peachy shade.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
Everytime I buy a mascara I like to buy a different one. I love trying out new mascaras, but I am very very picky (nothing beats MAC Opulash in my opinion). I'm loving this mascara at the moment, it's mid-priced at £17.50 and it's jet black. It reminds me a lot of Benefit's They're Real or Too Faced Better Than Sex in the way that it's a very wet mascara. It leaves your lashes kind of sticky for a while and they easily bend and squish together- I prefer my lashes to set hard. However it does give incredible volume and length, which I can't fault. And I head Lianne Lim-Walker mention that it gets even better as it ages.

EstΓ©e Lauder Double Wear Brush On Glow BB 
I bought this under eye highlighter/concealer as I've really never found one I love. I've tried everything from drug-store to high end and they're all pretty average. 

This one has a really nice coverage, it actually conceals your bags, but subtly. And it gives a lovely glow and blends out beautifully.

Topshop Ripped Jamie Jeans
Obviously ripped jeans are everywhere at the moment, but it's not the stadard rips that I love about these jeans. I always think you forget how good Topshop jeans are until you go back to them, and they are hands down the bets jeans ever! They are so soft, so flattering, and always fit (me) perfectly. 
Random. I'm so so so bad at having breakfast. I'm always running late and I never have time, so these little sachets are perfect! They only take 2 minutes in the microwave, and they are healthy! You can use what ever you like to mix in: milk, almond milk, soy milk, water  Then you. stir it together, microwave for 2 mins, and you have porridge! They also have loooooads of different flavours so check them out.

What have you been loving this month? 

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Friday 30 October 2015

Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder: I DONT GET IT?

After seeing so many beauty gurus rave about this highlighter  I knew I had to get it. I'm a real sucker for hypes - but I make myself wait a few months to make sure I really want it... So after months of longing I forked out £35 for the Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder in the cult shade of 'Candelight'. 

To start off, how bloody tiny is this thing? I was actually shocked at how small it is. It's only 3 grams! If you compare it to the giant size of Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess (21g), where you pay around the same price!? It is ludicrous. The packaging is sturdy, even if a little dated for my liking - but I feel like that over a lot of luxury packaging (just personal taste I guess!). However, it does come in a luxurious velvet pouch, perhaps that's what you're paying for. 

Anyway, on to the actual powder. I really like the shade of it, its the perfect shade for someone who's really pale like me. It's a really lovely colour for the inner corner of the eyes. I normally use this on my cheek bones, nose, cupids bow, too. It is very very shimmery, so you definitely couldn't use it on the forehead and chins as you could with other highlighters. It is more of a glittery glittery highlighter than a 'glow from within' one. 

The powder feels very velvety and its weirdly thick and creamy - as you can see from the way that it sits on my finger. But I like the consistency. 

It is quite crumbly, I feel like I'm wasting money when a swirl my brush in it and bits fly everywhere. After a few hours, I feel like it sinks deep down into my huge pores. Also, I have combination skin: so it's perfect on my nose, but too drying on my cheeks.

All in all, I would never pay £35 for another one of these. I'm glad I tried it as I would still be lusting after it if I haven't. As I say in the title: I really don't get the hype. Am I using it wrong? Is there some secret trick I'm not aware of? 

I'm still 100% a cream highlighter girl - nothing so far has drawn me away from Benefits Watts Up!

Have you tried this highlighter? Do you know of any others I could give a go? 

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Wednesday 28 October 2015

H&M Home Wish List

So I've had a purple bedroom ever since I can remember. Purple walls, purple bed.. everything. I'm 19 now, and so bored of that colour. I'd love a room update but obviously that means $$$ and $$$ that I don't have...

My dream room would be pale pink, grey, white and rose gold. I've been looking around everywhere at things I'd love to buy, and H&M home is my absolute favourite. I officially want everything they stock. I thought I'd make a little post about all the things I've been lusting over from H&M:






What homeware have you been lusting over for the autumn months?

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Sunday 25 October 2015

NEW! Rodial Skincare Youtube Channel Launch (ad)

So everyone has heard of Rodial Skincare and their cult products – I remember in particular really wanting the Instaglam Compact DeluxeTranslucent HD Powder for ages, and it being completely out of my price range. It's used by loads of celebs, even Kylie! However, I feel like they don’t get much exposure on the blogger/YouTube world, in my opinion anyway.

The brand has always attracted me: there is something about buying and owning luxury make-up which is just so so super satisfying. You feel like you've really invested in your skin. Now I'm at uni I don't buy anywhere near as much make-up as I did - but sometimes I just cant resist!

However within the last year, Maria, the founder of Rodial Skincare (and Nip+Fab) has started a new YouTube channel: Mrs Rodial. She seems to be challenging the boundaries of normal brands – and I love it!

To be honest, I don’t subscribe to a lot of brands YouTubes. In general, I hate them. I feel like I want real people and their opinions and you don’t get that on most brand’s channels. It's normally irrelevant make-up artists creating average looks that most of their target audiences probably wouldn't even replicate. 

The thing I like about Rodial’s channel is the founder actually sits there and makes the videos. She is genuinely that passionate that she wants her customers to actually get to know her personally. Maria does Q&A’s, holiday packing videos, and all sorts of normal, down-to-earth, YouTube stuff. She also shares business tips, and talks about how to become successful - which is so interesting. You can pretty much follow Maria and the brand around the world! It’s a great contrast to the usual mediocre promoting videos.

Beauty stuff: of course they show Rodial products, that’s what a brand must do. The videos they make are relevant and well done. They do really basic, easy videos for people who aren't make-up artists in the slightest (me) and it lets you get a really good grip of their products and how they are really meant to be used. 

Maria does looks based on celebs who are actually current, who we admire and lust over. (Their Cara video has made me need the Glamobrow and Yellow Highlighter!)

Have you checked out the Rodial Skincare YouTube channel yet?

Let me know what you think of it!

*This post was sponsored but as always all views are my own.*

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Emily Skye 28 Day Shred Review

So I do what most girls do and lust over fitness gurus on insta. I will never be like that - I love pizza, pasta, and just general carbs too much. But I really do need to make some kind of effort to get in shape. One particular insta who caught my eye was Emily Skye. Her 28 day shred sounded perfect for me because it was quick and high impact. I always need to see quick results or I get demotivated and just bail.

I didn't actually finish the plan. And I'm going to tell you why. 

Ok. So to start:
  • I really like Emily Skye. There's been loads of scandals and whatever around her, but in my opinion she's always came out clean, and she seems really lovely and down to earth. 
  • I dont mind her story, the 'skinny' girl to 'fit' girl. It's obviously not relevant to me (fat girl needing be a bit less fat girl), but I respect her honesty and isn't pretending she's lost 10 stone and 'you can too with my amazing plan'. 
  • I also like her attitude, in her guide she's very fair and hard talking. She talks about dedication, planning, no excuses, no mistakes. I like that, because I would just take the piss. 
So on to the actual plan...

So she writes a full meal plan, and shopping list for meat-eaters, vegans and veggies. I think this is awesome! In most plans you'd have to buy all three menus! So I read through the meals and their recipes, and thought 'yeah, I could eat this' and was pretty happy. Then I put the stuff into my basket.. No exaggerations here: one week was approx £100. A hundred pounds! I am a poor student! That was a no-go for me. I decided to alter the meals and make them cheaper (which she says categorically not to do as she's written it to be followed exactly, oh well)

Sweet Potato & Smoked Salmon Omelette 

On top of that, the meals are okay. But they are pretty bland, and huge (not much meat, 30 eggs a week, 3 tonnes of veg a day). And you eat 3 huge meals and 3 snacks a day, you will NOT get hungry. I just couldn't afford it, and I couldn't even eat all the food! The meals are things like 5 egg omelettes, bean salads, stuffed peppers. 

Chicken & Roast Veggie Salad

And is it weird that I felt the meals were very 'Australian'?! Fair enough that's not her fault, being Australian, but I just think she needs to work on 'translating' the meals over to other countries. We don't get kangaroo here easily. 

Tuna & Veggie Stack

So.. in the end I just made my own food under her kind of principles: I basically ate porridge, chicken, sweet potato and asparagus for 3 weeks. 

Salmon with Pesto Green Veg

There are sooo many supplements. Like literally loads. She did say there were 'optional', but if you wanted to go hard or go home, you'd have to buy them. There are 7 different supplements, which come up as $$$$$. She does tell you exactly why you should take them and when, and what they do for you. 

This is the only bit of the plan I think is even worth it. It's really well planned, really easy to follow and it definitely works! Without giving away her whole plan, it's basically this:
  • 40 minutes steady cardio a day
  • Weights everyday (rest day every fourth day)
The cardio: the 40 minutes of cardio I found boring and useless. I swapped did HiiT and running alternating. And funnily enough her NEW plan has no steady cardio AT ALL and HiiT instead! 

The weights: I absolutely love these workouts. She's isn't clear on what size weights to use, you can kind of guess with common sense. She writes 2 different workouts for each day, so you can do it at the gym or at home. You focus on different areas every day, and I just did it in front of the TV with home weights. They aren't any thing as intense as Kayla Itsines circuits' but they are really hard. 

An example of a day on the shred ^

I did this plan for about 2 weeks and lost about 10lbs. I felt toned, fit and really energetic. I'm sure I would have amazing before/after pics if I carried on. But I just didn't have time. Morning cardio and afternoon weights but didn't fit in for me. The plan doesn't allow flexibility on this at all. It about 2 hours of exercise daily which is just way too much for me, as I hate hate hate exercise. And if I missed a day, I feel really really guilty. 
BUT! Emily herself says that this isn't what you should do for the rest of your life. This is what she uses before a fitness competition, and we should just use it to kick start our healthy lifestyle - which I really think it does. I may try it again though in the holidays, when I have literally nothing to do.

  • Clear, concise, easy to follow
  • Full plan written out for every single day
  • Weights workouts are good! 
  • Fully written meals for all diets
  • Full shopping lists
  • Loads of tips, tricks and advice!
  • It WORKS! (For me)

  • The actual plan is really expensive, if you don't get it off someone else on eBay
  • Meals not to my particular taste, and HUGE
  • Food is very expensive 
  • About 2 hours of exercise a day
  • Lots of expensive supplements recommended (although they are optional)

Have you tried this plan, or any other from Emily Skye? Let me know what you think!

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