Sunday 29 July 2018

Beachy Summer Hair Essentials 🌊

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Beachy hair is so perfect for summer, especially when you're hot and can't be bothered! It is the ultimate lazy girl hair. It can be messy, it can be crazy, it doesn't have to be perfect - I love it! 🏝️

Today I'm giving a rundown of my essentials for beachy looking hair. This is everything you need for quick, effortless summer hair!

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Okay, so before we get into all the salt sprays, I need to talk about this stuff. This is my new fave shampoo and conditioner! It is so moisturising on my hair, it's perfect for dry and damaged hair. The best thing about it is the coconutty smell 😍 Now normally I absolutely hate coconut, but this smell is DIVINE! It actually makes you feel like you're on holiday! ☀️ 'Beachy' products are normally full of chemicals that aren't great for your hair, especially if you're then going to go out in the sun. This shampoo and conditioner is the best stuff to use to prep your hair! 💆🏻

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Ahhh I love this bottle! It's so cute!!! 🐟 I love this volume mousse, it isn't drying at all. It's packed full of coconut oil and has UV protection too which is fab. Once you've washed your hair, scrunch this stuff into your hair and dry it with a big diffuser to keep it messy.

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Now people either love or hate this stuff - I love it! I just think it gives insane volume and texture that you cant get anywhere else! It gives super beachy gritty hair, which isn't everyone's cup of tea but I loooove 😍 Just sprinkle a bit onto your roots and massage in! 💆🏻

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Would this even be a beachy hair post if it didn't include Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray?! 😂 I'm sorry, I know it's so overhyped - but it's so worth it!!! I love spraying it all over dry hair(except my roots) and scrunching my hair about... It gives the ultimate surfer hair texture 😍

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And finally, hairspray! People think they can just chuck in some salt spray and go, but in my opinion, it really doesn't hold all day. By the end of the day, my hair just looks dirty and gritty. Once you've perfected your beachy waves you have to lock it all in place with some hairspray. My all-time fave is L'Oreal Elnett 💖

What are your beachy hair essentials? Is there anything else you do for perfect summer tresses?

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Sunday 22 July 2018

Anthropologie SALE: Top Picks 💸

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Recently I was looking for a present for a friend, and I thought I'd have a browse through the Anthropologie website. 'Yeah right!' I thought, scrolling lustfully 💭... I've never really had the budget to shop at the homeware places that I really really love. 

However, I had a quick look at their sale section and was SO surprised at how affordable and great the stuff in there was! I normally hate sales - It's usually all rubbish or not really that much cheaper. But the Anthropologie sales are really fab!

I thought I'd pick out a few of my faves from the current sale - Who knows it might inspire someone!

1. Gilded Shapes Mug (£2.95)
How cute are these mugs?! 😍 I am so tempted to get one for myself. I would have never paid £10 for a mug, but for £2.95 these are such a bargain! They would make a really cute personal gift or just a treat for yourself!

I'm so into hanging home decor at the moment - and I absolutely love these hanging votives! Their gorgeous neutral colours would go with just about any home. I think these would look so lovely hanging off a few branches in the garden. I can just imagine how they'd look at night with little burning tea lights in them 😍✨

Don't ask why, but I've got a real thing about coasters 🤷🏻‍♀️ I think they can really make a home look lovely, and they are normally quite an affordable touch! These gorgeous glass coasters are such good quality, and I adore the gold edging.

4. Lioness Stapler (£6.95)
Ok, so I'm aware this is a weird one... But I just think this is so badass! 🦁 For a start, how cool are lionesses?! And then the gold?! I love it! 😍 I can just imagine having a really cool sleek home office and having this on the desk. I don't think I'd even ever use it!

5. Mollie Pot (£7.95)
I've never really been green-fingered myself, but I love this planter! 💐 The oblong geometric shape of it is so different, and I love the pastel colours too. This would look so cool planted with a cute cactus or succulent! 🌵

This triangular trinket dish is adorable! I love anything marble of course, and the earthy shapes on this one really add something different. This would be a super cute affordable gift!  

So there are my top picks from the current Anthropologie sale! Which homeware stores have you been loving at the moment? Have you found any bargains?!

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