Sunday 25 March 2018

ASOS 4505 Collection Wish List

It's typical, isn't it? As soon as you spend a bomb on gym clothes, your favourite brand comes out with its own activewear line!!! I was still super excited when ASOS dropped their gym wear collection. Their stuff is always great quality so I knew they'd make fab activewear. I thought it would be fun to put together a wish list of my favourite pieces from the collection, so here we go...

Image result for ASOS 4505 Moulded Sports Bra With Underwire
I am super picky about sports bras, and when I saw the 4505 range I was pretty disappointed. Most of the bras are really flimsy and thin. They are completely for aesthetics which is totally fine - but not for me. However, there was this one underwired sports bra which I was super happy about as a big boobed gal! I adore the colours and the panelling, and especially the big thick straps. 

2. Black Leggings (£28)
Image result for ASOS 4505 Gym Legging With Mesh Panel Detail
Now, this is pretty pricey for a plain black legging. But when it's sportswear I think it's so important to invest if you're going to get great quality. Black leggings are complete essentials - plus the little white logo is so cute!

Image result for Training T-Shirt In Tight Fit khaki asos
I love this t-shirt! The colour is so nice, and I love the white logo across the arm - it looks so cool! I always have to have my gym tops in a tight fit because a baggy tee just gets me too hot and flustered!

Image result for VIDEO SHARE ASOS 4505 Mesh Sweat Top With Hood
I think this hoodie is so cute! Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't wear it normally - it's clearly activewear. But I love that because it will look good with whatever gym clothes you wear. I love the contrast between the black and the pink, and the tiny pocket is so helpful for when you don't want to take a bag to the gym.

5. Khaki Jacket (£45)
Image result for ASOS 4505 Jacket With Wide Ribbed Cuff And Neck Detail
This jacket is so cool! I would wear this every day whether I was at the gym or not! I love the deep khaki colour and the big ribbed cuffs and neck. This would be ideal to wear to and from the gym - especially in this freezing weather!

Image result for ASOS 4505 Puffer Shopper
I usually hate gym bags. They are ugly, purely practical and scream "I'm going to the gym!!!" This one, however, I love! It's definitely not a bag that you can use normally - it's clearly a gym bag. But it's so much cooler than your usual Nike P.E. bag. I love the cobalt blue, and how it's really on trend with the puffer material.

Have you bought anything from the 4505 collection? What do you think of it?

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Sunday 18 March 2018

Spring Cleaning List for Twenty-Somethings

I am really into lifestyle blogs at the moment. I love anything to do with cleaning, organising and planning your life. Recently I’ve been reading a lot of ‘spring cleaning’ blog posts, but I’ve realised none of them apply to me!

I don’t own my own house, I just rent a room. I don’t have kids, it’s just me! That means that most things on a typical spring cleaning list I don’t need to do. So, I thought I’d put together a spring cleaning list for people like me. It will still make you feel super refreshed and organised, but it won’t take you all weekend!

1. Wash all your bedding and towels: Do this first so you can do everything else while it’s washing and drying.

2. Clean out your handbag: Clear out any rubbish and only keep the very essentials - diary, pen, keys, lip balm, powder, hand cream and hand sanitiser.

3. Re-organise your purse: Throw out any old receipts and only keep the loyalty cards that you really use!

4. Clear out your makeup: Chuck anything that is out of date or that you really don’t use and clean all your products and organisers with antibacterial wipes.

5. Wash your make up brushes: This is an essential! I’ve already written a blog post on this here.

6. Sort out your hair products: Do you really need all those old hairbrushes and mousses? Only keep what you’ll use!

7. Go through your clothes: Split it all into clothes you’ll keep, throw away and give to charity. Hang it all up in sections or fold it away super neatly – Don’t forget to pair up your socks!

8. Clear out your drawers and paperwork: Go through your bedside table, under your bed, and any drawers you have. Be brutal!

9. Clean your shoes: Scrub all your shoes thoroughly and consider machine washing any trainers that need it.

10. Wipe down all the surfaces: Buy a huge pack of antibacterial wipes and clean every surface you can.

11. Vacuum everywhere: And I mean everywhere – under the bed, behind furniture and even the cobwebs!

12. Re-familiarise yourself with your diary: Go through and remind yourself what you have coming up. Check your emails and texts and add any birthdays, social events or appointments you’ve missed.

13. Update your CV: Crack out your old CV and LinkedIn and make sure it’s all up to date. You never know when you might need it!

14. Re-organise your Spotify: Delete the songs you’re sick of and take a bit of time to find some new favourites!

15. Refresh your beauty treatments: Do your eyebrows, wax your upper lip and paint your nails.

16. Now indulge! Now you’ve done all that cleaning it’s time to relax! Shower, exfoliate and shave to get rid of any dirt or cleaning products on you. Then do a facemask, put on a hair mask and smother yourself in body butter!

You’re done!

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Sunday 11 March 2018

International Women's Day 2018: Tweets That Channel #GIRLPOWER

Image result for feminism pinterest

We all moan about social media, but I adore Twitter. Not only is it HILARIOUS and a great way to keep up with news live as it's happening - it's educational! I truly believe this. I feel like there are so many people on Twitter from so many walks of life, that I learn things that I really wouldn't learn anywhere else. I'm educated on controversial issues by people who are living at the very core of it all, which is so beneficial for me and my understanding. 

Twitter has made me care so much more about feminism. So for Internation Women's Day 2018 I thought I'd put together my favourite light-hearted tweets that make me proud to be a kick-ass female 😘

I LOVE Reese Witherspoon and everything she stands for. She knows her god damn worth and she's going to polish her achievements till they shine like they should ✨

Love or hate reality TV, I am LIVING for Mettisse off Survival Of The Fittest - she is BAD ASS. During a challenge she was literally hanging off a log with one arm and inspecting her nails 💅🏻

I love Stacey Solomon for not only handling trolls with such grace, but serving some truths about girls. Yep, we sweat! Yep, we get patches! And we shouldn't be attacked for being a fully functioning human, ok?! 👋 

 We all need to learn from this three-year-old. You better believe we can be anything we want to be 💪🏻

We've all had those guys on nights out that are super creepy. So what do we do? Mock them. Yes we do. You go girls 👊

Now, of course, you don't have to be a woman to be a feminist. I love this thread! Feminists of the world unite 👯

 I adore reading these types of stories on Twitter. I love that us women have each other's backs, even if we're strangers. It's beautiful 💖

And finally, we don't even have time for that sh*t mentality. 

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Sunday 4 March 2018

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2018

So its great buying presents for people when you know exactly what to buy… but what if you have no idea?! This is me most ‘parents’ days. I mean, they already get one present on their birthday, and now I have to buy them ANOTHER ONE?

Luckily, I already knew what I was buying my mum this year. But even so, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of other things I would have loved to get her. We all love to spoil our mums, no matter what budget we’re on, so hopefully these we’ll give you some good ideas…

The one for the: SASSY MUM
I am obsessed with this sweatshirt (£34) from Rock On Ruby – it is so bad ass!!! It comes in grey, pink and white. I like the grey the most, and you can even get it personalised. The lightning bolt is so retro and cool which looove!

The one for the: ARTSY MUM
Urgh I LOVE the Oliver Bonas Astratto collection. I bought my mum the Tea for One Set (£30) for Christmas, not because she necessarily drinks that much tea, it’s just SO beautiful. These teacups (£48) are so gorgeous. I love the prints with the gold, and I especially love cute little saucers.

The one for the: TECHY MUM
Buy kate spade new york Floral Hard Case for iPhone X Online at
Ok, so this isn’t that hi-tech, but it is for most mums if they’re like mine! These Kate Spade iPhone Cases (£34.95) are so lovely, the floral print is so cute. They’re such a great gift because you wouldn’t ever spend that money on an iPhone case for yourself, but they’re such an essential.

The one for the: SENTIMENTAL MUM
I’ve always loved these personalised prints but they’ve never been quite right. My mum wouldn’t really be in to the music ones, or the cheesy family ones. I love these prints (£49) by Bookishly because not only are they GORGEOUS but I feel like everyone has a special place. It might be where her children grew up, where she grew up, where you went on family holidays, etc. I think they just make the best gift!

The one for the: HOMELY MUM
Amara Pink Heart Bowls Set of Three
These heart bowls (£32) are so so so sweet. Admittedly, your mum would have to have a certain cutesy style in her home for these to be the perfect gift. I feel like that style is quite in at the moment though, and these bowls are super versatile. You could use them for nibbles in the kitchen, for trinkets in the bedroom, or for little toiletries in the bathroom. What’s even better is that with every purchase, Oliver Bonas donate £2 to The Eve Appeal, which is a great charity that supports gynaecological cancer research.

The one for the: BOOZY MUM
Buy Edinburgh Gin Pomegranate & Rose Liqueur, 50cl Online at
Everyone knows that getting a bottle for someone is such a boring and standard present. But I do think that finding a cool bottle of something new that someone hasn’t tried is actually a really thoughtful gift! This Pomeganate & Rose Liqueur (£18) looks beautiful, tastes delicious, and it is meant to be really good in prosecco or a G&T!

The one for the: ‘DOESN’T LIKE GIFTS’ MUM
Sometimes a gift just won't cut it! But who has enough money to take their mum on the 5* holiday they deserve? Experience gifts are really great for mums that are really hard to buy for or that don’t like presents. They aren’t too expensive either! Virgin do loads of different experience days which are really affordable. This afternoon tea looks so cute, and they are all over the UK so I'm sure there'll be one near you.

The one for the: LAST MINUTE DAUGHTER!!!
If I ever need a gift in a hurry, I always head to ASOS. I have premier delivery and which is SUCH a lifesaver. Their next day delivery is so reliable, and they have such a good selection of gifts which are actually really unique. I love their selections of pillowcases, and I think they are such lovely gifts for mums.

So I hope this has given you a bit of inspiration for what to get for your lovely mum. Have you already got your Mother’s Day gifts sorted? What are you thinking of getting?

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