Sunday 25 March 2018

ASOS 4505 Collection Wish List

It's typical, isn't it? As soon as you spend a bomb on gym clothes, your favourite brand comes out with its own activewear line!!! I was still super excited when ASOS dropped their gym wear collection. Their stuff is always great quality so I knew they'd make fab activewear. I thought it would be fun to put together a wish list of my favourite pieces from the collection, so here we go...

Image result for ASOS 4505 Moulded Sports Bra With Underwire
I am super picky about sports bras, and when I saw the 4505 range I was pretty disappointed. Most of the bras are really flimsy and thin. They are completely for aesthetics which is totally fine - but not for me. However, there was this one underwired sports bra which I was super happy about as a big boobed gal! I adore the colours and the panelling, and especially the big thick straps. 

2. Black Leggings (£28)
Image result for ASOS 4505 Gym Legging With Mesh Panel Detail
Now, this is pretty pricey for a plain black legging. But when it's sportswear I think it's so important to invest if you're going to get great quality. Black leggings are complete essentials - plus the little white logo is so cute!

Image result for Training T-Shirt In Tight Fit khaki asos
I love this t-shirt! The colour is so nice, and I love the white logo across the arm - it looks so cool! I always have to have my gym tops in a tight fit because a baggy tee just gets me too hot and flustered!

Image result for VIDEO SHARE ASOS 4505 Mesh Sweat Top With Hood
I think this hoodie is so cute! Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't wear it normally - it's clearly activewear. But I love that because it will look good with whatever gym clothes you wear. I love the contrast between the black and the pink, and the tiny pocket is so helpful for when you don't want to take a bag to the gym.

5. Khaki Jacket (£45)
Image result for ASOS 4505 Jacket With Wide Ribbed Cuff And Neck Detail
This jacket is so cool! I would wear this every day whether I was at the gym or not! I love the deep khaki colour and the big ribbed cuffs and neck. This would be ideal to wear to and from the gym - especially in this freezing weather!

Image result for ASOS 4505 Puffer Shopper
I usually hate gym bags. They are ugly, purely practical and scream "I'm going to the gym!!!" This one, however, I love! It's definitely not a bag that you can use normally - it's clearly a gym bag. But it's so much cooler than your usual Nike P.E. bag. I love the cobalt blue, and how it's really on trend with the puffer material.

Have you bought anything from the 4505 collection? What do you think of it?

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