Sunday 18 March 2018

Spring Cleaning List for Twenty-Somethings

I am really into lifestyle blogs at the moment. I love anything to do with cleaning, organising and planning your life. Recently I’ve been reading a lot of ‘spring cleaning’ blog posts, but I’ve realised none of them apply to me!

I don’t own my own house, I just rent a room. I don’t have kids, it’s just me! That means that most things on a typical spring cleaning list I don’t need to do. So, I thought I’d put together a spring cleaning list for people like me. It will still make you feel super refreshed and organised, but it won’t take you all weekend!

1. Wash all your bedding and towels: Do this first so you can do everything else while it’s washing and drying.

2. Clean out your handbag: Clear out any rubbish and only keep the very essentials - diary, pen, keys, lip balm, powder, hand cream and hand sanitiser.

3. Re-organise your purse: Throw out any old receipts and only keep the loyalty cards that you really use!

4. Clear out your makeup: Chuck anything that is out of date or that you really don’t use and clean all your products and organisers with antibacterial wipes.

5. Wash your make up brushes: This is an essential! I’ve already written a blog post on this here.

6. Sort out your hair products: Do you really need all those old hairbrushes and mousses? Only keep what you’ll use!

7. Go through your clothes: Split it all into clothes you’ll keep, throw away and give to charity. Hang it all up in sections or fold it away super neatly – Don’t forget to pair up your socks!

8. Clear out your drawers and paperwork: Go through your bedside table, under your bed, and any drawers you have. Be brutal!

9. Clean your shoes: Scrub all your shoes thoroughly and consider machine washing any trainers that need it.

10. Wipe down all the surfaces: Buy a huge pack of antibacterial wipes and clean every surface you can.

11. Vacuum everywhere: And I mean everywhere – under the bed, behind furniture and even the cobwebs!

12. Re-familiarise yourself with your diary: Go through and remind yourself what you have coming up. Check your emails and texts and add any birthdays, social events or appointments you’ve missed.

13. Update your CV: Crack out your old CV and LinkedIn and make sure it’s all up to date. You never know when you might need it!

14. Re-organise your Spotify: Delete the songs you’re sick of and take a bit of time to find some new favourites!

15. Refresh your beauty treatments: Do your eyebrows, wax your upper lip and paint your nails.

16. Now indulge! Now you’ve done all that cleaning it’s time to relax! Shower, exfoliate and shave to get rid of any dirt or cleaning products on you. Then do a facemask, put on a hair mask and smother yourself in body butter!

You’re done!

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