Sunday 11 March 2018

International Women's Day 2018: Tweets That Channel #GIRLPOWER

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We all moan about social media, but I adore Twitter. Not only is it HILARIOUS and a great way to keep up with news live as it's happening - it's educational! I truly believe this. I feel like there are so many people on Twitter from so many walks of life, that I learn things that I really wouldn't learn anywhere else. I'm educated on controversial issues by people who are living at the very core of it all, which is so beneficial for me and my understanding. 

Twitter has made me care so much more about feminism. So for Internation Women's Day 2018 I thought I'd put together my favourite light-hearted tweets that make me proud to be a kick-ass female 😘

I LOVE Reese Witherspoon and everything she stands for. She knows her god damn worth and she's going to polish her achievements till they shine like they should ✨

Love or hate reality TV, I am LIVING for Mettisse off Survival Of The Fittest - she is BAD ASS. During a challenge she was literally hanging off a log with one arm and inspecting her nails 💅🏻

I love Stacey Solomon for not only handling trolls with such grace, but serving some truths about girls. Yep, we sweat! Yep, we get patches! And we shouldn't be attacked for being a fully functioning human, ok?! 👋 

 We all need to learn from this three-year-old. You better believe we can be anything we want to be 💪🏻

We've all had those guys on nights out that are super creepy. So what do we do? Mock them. Yes we do. You go girls 👊

Now, of course, you don't have to be a woman to be a feminist. I love this thread! Feminists of the world unite 👯

 I adore reading these types of stories on Twitter. I love that us women have each other's backs, even if we're strangers. It's beautiful 💖

And finally, we don't even have time for that sh*t mentality. 

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