Saturday 7 April 2018

What's In My Bag?

I have a pretty boring life at the moment. 

I wake up, go to work and go to the gym... That's about it! So my bag is always concise and practical. It also doubles up as my gym bag - I almost always keep my gym stuff in my bag in case my plans change and I need to quickly fit in a workout.

I thought I would share what my current bag looks like, with all the wonders that come with it!

1. Hand Cream
Image result for elemis rose hand cream
My current hand cream of choice is this one by Elemis. It's Jasmin and Rose so it smells gorgeous. It really sinks into the skin and feels a tiny bit oily which I love - There is nothing worse than slimy hand cream that just sits on top of your skin! It's made for skin AND nails, which is great because it really keeps my awful cuticles looking their best. 

2. Hand Sanitizer
Image result for carex aloe vera hand gel
How exciting right?! Who would have thought I'd be picky about hand sanitizer. But I am! I absolutely hate the ones that just smell like pure alcohol, especially if you're feeling a bit worse for wear... This one is aloe vera scented so it smells super fresh - plus its really cheap and it works, enough said!

3. Powder
Image result for too faced powder\=
Who doesn't carry powder! It's such an essential for regular top-ups, especially when you're an oily little gremlin like me. My all-time favourite powder is this one by Too Faced - I've been using it for years. I know it's expensive but it is so finely milled so it sits perfectly on the skin. You can apply it all day long and it never looks cakey, and it really does fill in your pores and fine lines. I love it! 

4. Gum
Image result for whitening extra gum uk
Not much more to say here... I always get the whitening ones though - Does it even work?!

5. Gym Kit
Image result for asda printed gym trousers
As I say I always carry my gym kit with me: sports bra, top, bottoms, socks and trainers. My favourite bottoms at the moment are these ones from Asda. They were £12.50!!! They're not see through at all and so so comfy. My current favourite Adidas sports bra, Ellesse top and Puma trainers are all from TK Maxx which is without a doubt the best place for discounted branded gym wear. 

 6. Gym Accessories

4 Digit Combination Padlock - Lock for Gym, School, Employee Locker, Fence, Hasp and Outdoor Storage

I also carry my other gym essentials with me. My most recent purchase is this fab sturdy padlock I got on Amazon - It's so bright that I never lose my locker! I also carry the standard Nike water bottle, some over-ear headphones and these great microfibre sweat towels I got from TK Maxx which I love.

7. Hair Bands & Grips!
Image result for hair bands and grips
Of course! I always keep these in every single bag I own. The number of times I've forgotten a hair band for the gym and used it as an excuse to go home and order Dominos... Now I've got nothing stopping me!

What's in your current bag? Let me know!

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