Monday 2 November 2015

MAC Holiday Collection 2015: Irresistibly Charming Gold Pigments

For my first post in my MAC Holiday Collection 2015 Week, I wanted to talk about these amazing mini pigment sets. They also come in purple and blue, but I just loved the gold set. I think these mini sets are so handy, because I would definitely never use up a full size pigment.

For £26, the pigments only come around at £6.50 a bottle, and they come in this cute case! The case is actually really sturdy and good quality - it's a bit like a ring box. The coloured plastic on the front actually looks like beautiful glass, it is so nice! I would never have put this packaging together for a Christmas collection, but I now think its so so perfect and festive!

I actually think they look quite different to how they do on the website, but I love them all the same.

From left to right they are Naked, Blonde's Gold Out All Night and Reflects Bronze.

Naked is a fleshy coloured shimmer, it just gives a really subtle "glow within" sheen to the skin. I love it on the inner corners on the eyes, instead of something harsher that I would usually use like white, gold or silver. 

Blonde's Gold is the perfect caramel shimmery gold. I like it just all over the lid because it's so lovely and shimmery. It's so finely milled that it gives more of a sheen than a really glittery look.

Out all night reminds me so much of Smog by Urban Decay - it's a really sultry deep coppery bronze. It's really great under your eyes to make them really smokey!

Now on to my absolute favourite: Reflects Bronze. It is the most in your face Bronze Glitter ever! I absolutely adore it! 

I've never really been into pigments, they just seemed like such a faff. But I have absolutely loving these ones! I just mix them in the lid with a bit of Fix + (or water) and pack them on to make them really bright. Or just use them as they for a less out there look!

All in all, I think these are a must-have, and perfect for a present! (Even if its just from you, to you)

What do you guys think of MAC's new collection? Let me know!

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