Friday 6 November 2015

MAC Holiday Collection 2015: Enchanted Eve Nude Lip Bag

The third thing I bought from the MAC Holiday Collection is this Enchanted Eve Lip Bag in Nude! This trio would normally cost around £43, so £34 is a bargain in my eyes - especially as it comes with this handy make-up bag! You can also get the same kit in red and pink too, but I already have loads of products in those colours.

The three together make a really lovely pinky nude colour. It's quite a darkish nude on me as I'm really pale, but I think it would be lovely on all skin tones. I love each product equally, and sometimes just wear one alone - you definitely don't have to wear them as a trio every time!

And can we just take a second for the packaging....... I love it!!! It's so special and pretty!

The lip liner is in the cult shade 'Boldly Bare'. This is actually a colour I've been lusting over for ages, so I was thrilled that it was in this set! It's a long wearing dusky pink-brown. It's really matte and pigmented, so it's perfect alone with just a clear gloss.  

The lipstick is the famous shade 'Crรจme cup'. I feel like everyone in the whole world has this colour, but I have never owned it! It's a really classic pale pink colour. It's the perfect wintery nude for me! And as it's a cremesheen its really moisturising and sheer - which is perfect for these frosty months!

Then lastly, the gloss is 'Cherry Blossom'. I can never bring my self to buy glosses, because they rarely interest me - I'd always rather buy vibrant lipsticks! So when I saw this was in the set for amazing value I was keen. I have a few limited edition MAC glosses, and I found them really really sticky. However, this gloss is really smooth and buttery - not what I expected at all! It's a very pretty glittery pink that looks lovely over the liner and lipstick, or just solo for a stripped down look.

Here are the 3 shades swatched. The left is the liner, and the right is the gloss. As you can see they lighten up, leaving the lightest colour on top - it creates a really gorgeous ombre lip. As opposed to the intense ombre lips you normally see this one looks really lovely and understated. 

All in all, I think the set is amazing value!

 The colours are really iconic and wearable so it would be a perfect present for someone just getting into high-end make-up. I never buy or own nudes personally, so it was the perfect thing for me to buy for myself! 

On Sunday, I'll be talking about some pieces from the Magic of the Night collection, pictured below:

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