Wednesday 4 November 2015

MAC Holiday Collection 2015: Enchanted Eve Warm Eyes Palette

I feel like I've been really obsessed with everything neutral and earthy on my eyes at the moment. I rarely ever go for any colour! So for my second MAC Holiday Collection 2015 post, I wanted to talk about this 'Enchanted Eve' eye shadow palette. The 'warm' palette looked so handy to me, as it has loads of neutral colours perfect for everyday or a night out. They also come in mauve and navy - the mauve one is beautiful!

It comes in almost identical packaging as the pigment set, except the box is solid plastic as opposed to cushioned faux leather. It still has those coloured glass panels that I loooove!

The colours are swatched the opposite way to the palette, so from left to right on my hand they are:

- Seasonal Spirit: a pale gold shimmery colour. As you can tell it takes a lot to build up the colour, its very sheer and silky - but I like it!

- Retrospeck: a very shimmery warm beige colour. It is a really great neutral colour that will go with pretty much any eye look.

- Sax Appeal: a soft taupe shadow, that's not completely matte and has a bit of a sheen to it. 

- Moodmaker: a rich coppery colour, which I absolutely love with a smokey eye!

- Charcoal Brown: exactly what it says, a completely matte brown the colour of Cadbury's chocolate. It a really lovely warm brown, which seems so simple but I don't actually own anything like it. 

- Bewitchin: a classic dark brown colour very similar to Mac's 'Brun' but with tiny specks of glitter in it that look almost purple!

This palette is such a perfect size for travelling too, I can just tell I will be taking it everywhere with me. It is full of rich warm browns that are perfect or this time of year! I'm so happy I picked it up!

Have you tried any of Mac's eye palettes? What do you think of them?

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