Monday 9 November 2015

Make Up Revolution Blush Palette Review

I'm happy to admit I've never really cared about blushers - I'd so much rather spend my money on lip and eye products. It's strange because I'm so so obsessed with highlighters, but blushers never really attract me. 

However, I knew I needed to stray from the 2 single Clinique blushes I use evey single day. When I saw this Make Up Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Superdrug, I immediately bought it. They do so many different themes of this palette too - all gorgeous. This one's called Sugar and Spice and it's my absolute favourite of them all.

They are the best consistency for blushes - creamy but not too pigmented. Blushes are probably the only product I actually want to be sheer, and these are perfect. My favourite shade is the orangey one, it looks so nice on all skin tones.

Then end two that are super super glittery, I don't personally use. I use a lot of highlighter every single day so a shimmery blush would just be way too much. But recently I have found them to be really great eye shadows (as they all would be I guess, if you go for that colour). 

Here are all the shades swatched on my arm (going top to bottom, from left to right):

I normally just apply with a Morphe Angled Blush Brush, and blend it up and out on my cheeks. 

And for £6 there's no reason not to pick one up! 

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