Monday 22 February 2016

NEW! MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lip Colour Review

As soon as I saw MAC bring these liquid lipsticks out, I was so so so excited! I knew they’d soon jump on the bandwagon. When I got down to the store, all the nudes had sold out, which sucked. So I picked up this standard red shade ‘Feels So Grand’. It was a bit pricey £22, but I think I had rose tinted glasses on at the time, so let it slide. You can see below though, they are a lot larger than standard lipsticks – so maybe it is worth it!

I’m always really sceptical about liquid lipsticks, because 99% of them are awful. I’m not saying these ones aren’t hard to use, because that just comes with the matte territory. But, they are a lot lot nicer than most liquid lipsticks.

It is really thick and creamy, so it is so easy to apply and not clingy at all. It is quite tricky to get a sharp line, I guess as it is essentially painting your lips – but it’s nothing a bit of concealer cant help. It doesn’t set straight away, so it is quite easy to clean up.

I love how It is so so so pigmented and rich! Here is a shot of it next to the driest matte lipstick on earth: Ruby Woo. You can see from a mile how much it outshone the original cult classic. It is so much more vibrant, easy to apply, and a lot less drying. And as you can see, pretty much an identical shade.

As it sets, it does get a lot dryer – but that is to be expected. You definitely cannot rub your lips together after a touch up, as it just flakes horrendously. However, the staying power of this liquid lipstick is incredible. One weekend, I woke up with the colour still perfectly in place – and that is something when it comes to red lipstick!

I love wearing this shade with the MAC lip liner ‘Redd’ (pictured below), I think it’s a pretty good match!

All in all, I absolutely adore these liquid lipsticks, they are the best I’ve tried so far. Even though they are so much more expensive than standard lipsticks I definitely want to pick more up. No rush though – as they’ve just been made permanent! Yay!

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