Wednesday 24 February 2016

Trainer Lust List

I’ve been lusting over trainers so much lately. I used to spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds on trainers before university, but now as a poor student I rarely buy any. I picked up a few pairs recently from ASOS and Zara, but here are some of the other ones I’ve had by eye on…


I don’t know why I’m loving all trainers that have animal vibes these days. Whether it’s crocodile or leopard. It’s something that I’d usually hate but I’m really feeling it at the moment!

Ash Fool White Nappa Aligator (£75 - down from 149!)


I loooove ugly retro trainers, I always have and always will. I remember back when I scoured the internet because I wanted a pair of blue New Balance trainers so desperately and they didn’t sell them anywhere (it’s crazy to think how much they’ve expanded now!) I always love Reebok because they do so many cool colours.


I see these Puma trainers all over Instagram and I love them so much! But they come with a hefty price tag, and I definitely can’t afford to be splashing out on them. However I did see these ones in Zara, that I think have the same kind of pastelly vibe – I love them too!

What trainers have you been loving at the moment??

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