Friday 26 February 2016

New Obsession: Illamasqua Gleam Highlighter in 'Aurora'

I am so obsessed with this highlighyer.

Well, I am obsessed with all highlighters, and I’ve honestly tried so so so many to find the perfect one. I always felt like I had really high expectations that would never be fulfilled…

One day I was shopping in Selfridges with my friend, and we both spotted this highlighter from a mile off! I would have never gave this a second look online, it looks so much nicer in real life. It is the Illamasqua Gleam Highlighter in ‘Aurora’.

Firstly, I love Illamasqua packaging. I think it’s really sleek and classy. I love the glass window in this little compact!

Okay.. the picture below is gross! BUT when I first opened it, it had a weird, wet oily film on top - like it had separated!? And when I was swatching it, it looked nothing like in the store and I was getting so annoyed! So I mixed it all together.. and voila! It looks like crap but works perfectly!

It is a really soft creamy highlighter, that is the perfect cool champagne colour for my pale skin. It really isn’t glittery at all, it is very much a ‘glowy’ highlighter. I just dab it on my cheeks with my fingers and blend it out with a beauty blender – and it’s perfect!

I’ve had so many compliments, and so many people asking me what highlighter I’m wearing! Because it’s so creamy, it’s amaaazing if you put a powder highlighter on top too – then it really pops. Also, it’s really easy to mix into foundation – and when I did that recently for a night out loads of my friends asked what my new dewy foundation was!

They also do the same highlighter in a deep bronze colour, perfect for darker skin tones. I love how on their site, they put the colours on different skin tones so you can actually see how it will look on you!

I can’t rave about this highlighter enough, I love it! I will definitely be picking up many many more (unless something new steals my heart!)

What’s your favourite highlighter of all time??

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