Sunday 28 February 2016

My Favourite Foodies

I would definitely not say I'm healthy at all. I love love love food - good and bad! However I have a weird obsession with health books and blogs, purely because I find them so so interesting. If there's a new book then there's no doubt that I have pre-ordered it! Anything that will make me eat slightly healthier without feeling like I'm missing out I'm game for. I thought I’d share my favourites  foodies with you…


Her recipes are really delicious moreish foods that make me feel like I’m still eating junk food. Her Bacon, Butternutsquash and Almond Butter Salad is as incredible as it sounds! My other two faves of hers are:

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Her recipes are so simple and easy – as well as delicious. I feel like there is no faff in there that is hard to source, and as a student – will never buy. Some I make regularly are:


I love these two because their food is just so luxurious and seems so naughty when it really isn’t. There philosophy of just eating really good, natural, wholesome food I think is a really good approach and their recipes are just epic! I feel like their food is great for those who are‘anti-diet’! My top ones are:


If you know anything about Sam Smith then you'll know this woman. I have all of her books, and absolutely adore her! I really like her firm attitude, no fannying around. She just tells you the truth – what you should and shouldn’t be doing. I feel like you NEED to buy her books to really understand why she is so amazing, and because a lot of her recipes aren’t online. Some that I love are:


Any one who Millie Mackintosh loves, I know I'll love! I adore Madeleine Shaw so much. I am so excited for her next book! I tell everyone I know to buy it and read it because it is just so crystal clear, and I just get it. It’s real understandable, non-patronising knowledge. And the most important thing is it makes you realise why you should change. Her website is full of great recipes though if you don’t want to part with your $$$! A few of my faves are:

Hopefully that would give some cooking inspo to any one stuck in a rut of what to make for tea! Alongside these guys, if I ever get the sudden (rare) urge to be healthy I also love recipes from BBC Good Food, Jamie Oliver and Deliciously Ella!

Who are your favourite foodies?

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