Sunday 2 August 2015

Summer Neon Orange Lip (MAC Morange & What A Blast! Dupe)

Above are pictures of Morange & What A Blast! from, taken by the queen that is Christine Mielke

So for years I have been obessed with Mac Morange, I love how bright it is – it is such a bad-ass statement lip. Lately I had been pairing it with the What A Blast! Pro Longwear Lip Pencil and literally wearing it every day. But on one traumatic night out, I lost my them both!!!

I didn't want to just buy my self the same one again, so I decided to branch out! Now that I am living as a poor minging student I decided I wanted to find a cheaper version of my favourite duo. And obviously one that I could take out with me and not worry about losing! 

And I think I may have found the perfect drugstore version! The two products I use are GOSH Velvet Touch Lip Liner in Flirty Orange,  and Rimmel Apocolips Matte in Orange Ology. 

I know this lipstick is matte, and Morange is Amplified Creme finish, but I actually prefer bold lips to be matte. I just think it is so much more stand-out and loud! The colour is not completely identical, it is a bit more red than the MAC version, which is super super neon, but I quite like it!

The Rimmel Apocolips is quite drying, so you need to apply lots of lip balm before you put in on. If you have dry lips of any kind I would always steer clear of matte products but especially this one. Also, I don't really like the doefoot applicator (shown below), I don't know why.. I just think it's quite hard to use and so much product comes out. BUT it is so so so bright and exactly what I was looking for. You only need one coat to get a loud orange!

On the other hand the GOSH lip pencil is really creamy and velvety soft. It creates a kind of barrier between the matte lipstick and your lips. It pairs beautifully, as it so smooth it really counteracts the drying (and sometimes flakiness) of the Rimmel Apocolips. Also as the Apocolips is quite fiddly to apply, I find it so much easier once I have applied a sharp line with a lip pencil, then all I have to do is fill in! 

I really love theses as a pair, what do you guys think? Have you found any good dupes I need to try? 

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