Friday 14 April 2017

Beauty Hacks: Five Product Face

This month Soap & Glory are talking about HACKS!  

Having little hacks and time savers is so fab for keeping productive and getting straight on with your day. As students, we are all at such a difficult time of the year (especially for us final years) where every minute literally does count. Whether that be beauty, fashion, uni, or just general life hacks - we've got it all!

Today I'm talking about my five product face - a routine that everybody needs to perfect, that they can just chuck on in the morning when they need to save some time! It's also amazing for taking travelling when you've got to pack light, or even doing on the train/bus while travelling. 

For a quick base, I would always go for a medium coverage foundation that's really really easy to blend. I absolutely adore the Loreal True Match Foundation, it's my favourite drugstore foundation ever. I love it because you can spend loads of time with a beauty blender if you want, but if you are in a serious serious rush you can literally just use your fingers, and because it's really liquidy it just blends so easily! 

Contour?! In a quick routine?! Yes, it seems crazy, but this product is from S&G is a legitimate godsend. Cream contour kits are notoriously bulky, heavy, and full of multiple shades which may never be used. The Mighty Contourer however, is super compact, SO incredibly easy to blend, and QUICK! You have your contour, highlight and blush all in there. You can just use your fingertips - no brushes necessary. A must have for any girl, lazy or otherwise!

A mascara is obviously going to be a daily staple. If I'm going for a more natural look I'll just wear it on my top lashes. My favourite mascara of all time has to be the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. Not only is the packaging gorggggeous but it only takes a few quick coats for killer lashes.

A necessary step to not look like a hairless naked creature. I am all for any kind of brow box, because they are so so handy and amazing for travelling. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my ABH Dip Brow Pomade, but it can be difficult to work with in rush. Powders are by far the easiest thing to use when you need super quick brows, and they really do look the most natural. The Soap & Glory Archery DIY Brow Bar is perfect for this, because it contains everything you could possibly need. It has two brushes, a spoolie, a light and a dark eyebrow shade, a wax and a highlighter. You tame your brows, brush through the wax, fill in with powder and then use the highlight on your brow bone. You can also double up and use it on your cheeks to get that effortless glow.

5. LIPS 
For the last product, I was SO torn between eyeshadow or lips. But I figured that you could use the brow or the contour shades on your eyes, so I had to stick with lips. Everyone has their signature shade that they have on lock when they're in a rush (mine is MAC Creme Cup). But on the daily, especially when I'm rushing about, I simply use an eos Smooth Sphere Lip Balm to keep my lips moisturised - that way I don't have to worry about topping up either!

When I need to just get out the door ASAP I love to use as few products as possible, so I'm absolutely loving these products at the moment for busy days. 

What are your make-up must haves? How do you cut down your morning routine in a rush?!

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