Sunday 14 January 2018

New Year Activewear Wish List

So it's 2018! 

It's a new year and everyone is going full blast on their resolutions. Most of us probably won't keep them past February but hey, it's the thought that counts right? 

I'm probably quite similar to most people who vow to be super healthy and super active in the new year... To give myself some much-needed motivation I've been browsing loads of new gym gear. I've spent way too much time on it, so I thought I'd put together some of my top picks from my favourite places...


This blush colour was so in during 2017, and I'm still loving it. For a high street store, Missguided actually has some really nice bits that actually look like they're practical too. I love the pink leggings (£15) because they're seamless which means they'll be super comfy - although they almost definitely will be see-through! The other pair (£15) are really high waisted which I absolutely love in gym leggings. The panelling at the sides is also really flattering. The crop top is £12 and the mesh t-shirt is £15, which I think is really reasonable for gym wear.


Most people wouldn't even think of looking in M&S for gym clothes, but they actually have really really nice stuff! It is definitely a lot pricier than other high-street shops, but the quality is so good. I'm obsessed with this floral sports bra (£25), it is so cute! I really love the running top too, although it's a bit pricey at £29.50. The vest is £15 and the leggings are £25, which may seem a lot compared to Missguided, but I really do think it's worth the money.


I'm really loving this monochrome, space dye vibe that Boohoo have got loads of their activewear in. This two pack of vests is such a bargain in my opinion - they're only £12! The leggings (£15) both look really flattering as they're high waisted, and wearing patterns is always great if you're a bit self-conscious. The sports bra is only £10, which is crazy cheap compared to some of the bigger brands.


New Look is definitely one of my favourite places to buy gym wear. They always have such cute patterns - like this palm print! I love the meshing on the sports bra (£14.99) and the leggings (£19.99), I think it's so cool. I also adore this hoodie (£19.99) for going to and from the gym, especially with the slogan down the arm. The racer back vest is also only £12.99 which is a great price.

Where is your favourite place to buy gym wear? Do you normally opt for quality clothing or fashion?  

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