Wednesday 15 February 2017

9 Ways to Freshen Up Your Uni Room For Spring

Moving out and having your own house is obviously an amazing part of university, where you get to be independent and live how you want! But if you're anything like me then you will miss the comforts of your clean, warm room at home. When I was having a hard time at uni, I found so much comfort in making my room as nice as possible!

Now we're leaving winter behind, here at Soap & Glory we are all about Spring Cleaning, detoxing and getting stuff done! Here I've written 9 ways that you can freshen up your uni room and give it a new lease of life! 

Scandi Bedroom in grey, gold and pink with lots of texture:
This Scandi themed room by Lust Living is so gorgeous! 

If you want your room to feel really homely then you need to have some kind of colour scheme or theme to follow. My room has always been purple for as long as I can remember, and it meant I could bring all my things from home to uni and not buy as much! If you don't want to commit to a certain colour then you can decorate within a theme you love like Scandi, mixed metals... There's so much you can do!

Tom Ford Print (£4.49, Desenio) Chanel Print (£4.94, Peach and Gold) Sparkle Print (£5.44, Print Shop Studio)

I feel like almost every student has loads of pictures all over their walls! It really does make me happy, though, to look up at all the pictures of my faves and how much fun we have! It gives you something to look forward to - going home to your family and friends in the holidays. If photos aren't your thing, then pinning up prints is a really cool idea. You can get them at most stationary shops, and places like Etsy do some really unique ones!

H&M Sheets: Pink Floral (£39.99), Grey Pattern (£17.99), Blue Patten (£34.99), Purple Feather (£19.99)

Your bed will probably be the biggest thing in your room, so if you get some nice bed linen then it will honestly make your room look 100x better. If you've read my H&M Home Wish List, you will see that I adore H&M bedding (and all their homeware). These sheets are my faves that they've got in at the moment, plus they are really cheap and good quality! 

Lighting can really make your room so lovely and cosy! I know it's so cliche but fairy lights really do make your room feel warm and homely. They are so cheap too: on Amazon you can get a good set for under a tenner! You can also invest in a nice bedside lamp or a new lampshade. I have this 'glass' pendant shade from Wilkos, it's so so nice and I'm so glad I bought it. The ones you're given in student houses are never nice, and it really makes your room look much more put together. 

All tapestries are £31.20 from Society 6

Another cliche decorative item: bunting. Depending on the colour of your room there are millions of cheap bunting sets all over the internet! Mine is a super long lilac wedding bunting that was really inexpensive of Ebay. If you want a more subtle look you can get cream or lace bunting that is less 'in-your-face'. If bunting is just way too girly for you then you can always hang up a tapestry. Society6 do hundreds of tapestries that are really really cool.

Tray (£10), Notebook (£10), Pen (£8), Sticky notes (£6.50), Stationary set (£10), Clipboard (£7), Pen pot (£5)

Buying nice stationary doesn't just make your room look lovely, it also keeps you organised and makes you motivated for studying! Paperchase do the best stationary ever, and their new Jardino collection is so so beautiful and perfect for Spring!

Adding some greenery and life is the perfect way to switch up your bedroom for Spring! Not only do the flowers look so lovely, and make your room smell great - but you can also have fun with the vases too! I have been lusting over this Cactus Trio for months now - the mini plants are so cute and the concrete-copper pots are so cool.

All boxes are from Maison Du Monde

Storage boxes are such a nice way to add colour and patterns into your room. Not just that, they are also so practical because you will never have enough space in a student room for all your stuff. Maison du Monde is one of the best places to buy decorative on-trend homeware, and it's so inexpensive. I love all these storage boxes - They really nail the Pastel x Metallic trend!

Soft furnishings are extremely optional when it comes to decorating your uni room. After all, you are only there for a short amount of time and you might not want to spend your money on things like rugs and curtains. However you can get some really cheap, good quality pieces, that really make your room cosier. I have this fur rug from Argos, and it is honestly so soft and warm - it makes my hard floor a little less plain. You can also get cheap curtains of Ebay or Amazon if you really want to go hard on your theme. 

Hopefully, this post might have given you some inspiration if you were looking to inject some life into your room this Spring! What are your top tips for decorating your university room?

This month we are rewarding girls who are getting into the 'Spring Clean' vibe - whether that be cleaning their room, a university closet or a street clean up! Let me know if you've got any girls who deserve a treat from us...

*This post is supported by Soap & Glory but as always all views and opinions are my own*

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