Saturday 11 February 2017

Soap & Glory Drama Clean & The Fab Pore: REVIEW

Obviously, I am a huge Soap & Glory fan, and I have used a shed load of their products. However, I have never ever ventured into their skincare! I am seriously picky and sceptical about skin care: my skin is temperamental and I have stuck to Clinique’s 3 Step Skincare program for years and years.

I feel like I know skincare pretty well, and I definitely know my own skin. So, when I got my hands on these two products, I knew I’d be coming from a good place to give a really thorough review. The products I’ll be reviewing in this post are the Drama Clean 5-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water and The Fab Pore Purifying Foam Cleanser. Together they would normally be £14, but Boots are having an offer on S&G at them moment - so they are £5 each! 

I’ll be breaking them both down, and letting you know if they are a hit or a miss...


Firstly, I adore the bottle. It’s honestly such a gorgeous pink ombre bottle, I even instagrammed it! I also love the smell – it’s really light and fresh. You can see above all the lovely things this product is made of, and it really does smell so natural and subtle. 

You use this just as you would any other micellar water, by sweeping it all over your face with a cotton pad. The product brags the line ‘no rubbing required’ and I would completely agree with that! You really only need to wipe your face very gently, and it removes a multitude of sins! I was shocked at how it removed so much more than any face wipe, it really does get every scrap! You can feel it removing your dead skin cells as well as all your makeup, while still leaving your skin smooth and soft. I didn’t find this water left my skin dry and sticky, as a lot of makeup removers do, so I really loved that.

Unfortunately, I have sensitive eyes, and I have always had to remove my eye makeup before I clean my skin – and this was no different. I couldn’t take all my eye makeup off as it did sting my eyes a bit. So, if you have irritable eyes like me, then just use this on your skin and it will work a treat.  

This cleanser comes in at £6 normally, which admittedly is a bit more than your average drug store micellar water (it's on offer at Boots atm for £5!). However, this is by far the best one I’ve used, it is almost disgusting when you see how much it removes. It's great for all skin types, and I think the bottle and the scent make it worth it!


This soft, foamy cleanser is created with oily to combination skin in mind. It contains bisabolol, which is an ancient ingredient used for soothing, healing and reducing redness. You can smell the witch hazel in this cleanser, a traditional skincare component popular for toning the skin and tightening pores. However, witch hazel can sometimes be too harsh on delicate skin, so be careful if your skin is especially sensitive.

This cleanser is not like your usual foaming cleanser. I have used loads before, and I've always felt they left my skin tacky and really dry. This foam is a lot thicker and velvety! The foam is really soft and lathers up into a really creamy mousse - I was really pleasantly surprised! The wash is really cooling and minty on your face, perfect for waking you up in the morning and prepping your skin for the day! This cleanser is normally £8 (£5 atm), which I personally think is amazing for a cleanser! 

All in all, I think these two products are great! The cleanser does state is aimed for the more oily skin types but the foam is so creamy and hydrating, so I think both will be brilliant for all skin types! This is a fab, affordable duo to prep your face for the day and thoroughly cleanse it at night. As I said, S&G is having a sale at the moment and loads of stuff is £5, including both these items, so get your hands on them while you can to save some $$$!

Have you ever tried S&G skin care? What do you think?

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