Thursday 23 February 2017

Syn Free Slimming World Sweet Potato Nachos!

The one thing I hate about being healthy is not being able to eat all the awful junk food I love so so so much. When I joined SW I knew I had to figure out an alternative for fatty Mexican food, in particular, NACHOS

I got to work trying loads of different variations - and I absolutely LOVE these nachos! They use your healthy extra A choice of cheese, so they are completely syn free! If you want to, add the guacamole (like I have) for just 3.5 syns! 

Homemade salsa and guacamole are always better than the shop bought stuff, but if you really can't swap your sour cream for yogurt, you can use the reduced fat version. Just remember to syn it for 1 syn per table spoon!

To make the meal more time-efficient, you can make batches of the salsa and guacamole, and precut the sweet potato. Then it literally takes minutes to make!

I hope you enjoy the recipe, and please send me or tag me in your pictures if you do make it! :) 

Syn Free Slimming World Sweet Potato Nachos!
Serves 1 person (easily multiplied!)

- 1 large sweet potato or 2 small ones (or white potato if you prefer)
- 40g reduced fat cheddar cheese
- Small pot of fat-free greek yogurt (about 3 tbsp will do for one!) 
- Low-calorie cooking spray
- Salt and pepper 

For the salsa:
- 7 cherry tomatoes 
- 1/4 red chilli
- Juice of 1/4 lime
- Coriander  

For the guac (optional 3.5 syns):
- 4 cherry tomatoes 
- 1/4 red chilli
- 1/4 avocado 
- Juice of 1/4 lime 
- Coriander 

Other syn free toppings you can try!
- Jalapenos
- Black beans 
- Sweetcorn
- Spring onion
- Peppers
- Chicken, beef or pork

1) Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.

2) Spray a baking tray with low-calorie cooking spray.

3) Cut the sweet potato into thin rings, and place on the baking tray.

4) Spray with the sweet potatoes with low-calorie cooking spray and season with salt and pepper. 

5) Bake for 15 minutes (or until tender), while you make the salsa and guacamole. 

6) For the salsa: Finely dice the cherry tomatoes and chilli, and mix with the lime juice. Add coriander to taste, and season with salt and pepper.

7) For the guacomole: Finely dice the cherry tomatoes and chilli, and mash up with the avocado and the lime juice. Add coriander to taste, and season with salt and pepper.

8) Once the sweet potato is baked, spread the salsa over the potatoes and sprinkle with cheese. This is the time to add any additional toppings like jalapenos! 

9) Bake for an additional 5 minutes, or until the cheese is fully melted. 

10) Plate up and serve dolloped with the guacamole and yoghurt. 

11) Enjoy!

Have you tried these nachos yet? What did you think? Or do you have a different favourite fakeaway? Let me know!

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