Tuesday 21 February 2017

How To Get Glowing Skin: Soap & Glory 'The Greatest Scrub Of All'

I am so particular about my skin care. If I ever stray from my regimented regime, then I can never get all my make up off and I break out so so badly. 

I'll always be a huge advocate of Clinique and all their products, I just think their skincare is insane! I was using their Exfoliating Scrub (until I left it behind in a hotel room) and I've been neglecting exfoliation ever since...

So when this Soap & Glory facial scrub turned up at my door I thought it was the perfect time to slot something new into my routine - and put it through its paces to see how it weighs up!

Firstly, I love the packaging! I feel like I say this about absolutely every S&G product but I really do! The pearlescent tube is so so pretty with the pink writing (and there's a reason for it!) When you squeeze the product out it is actually a glowy, iridescent creamy scrub, which really intrigued me.

You only need a really small, pea-sized amount to exfoliate your face... and I was really impressed! 

The scrub has a really subtle, fresh scent which I love - as I hate using strong fragrances on my skin. It's a very fine exfoliant, which I'm really not used to. All the facial scrubs I've used so far have been quite chunky and gritty, and satisfyingly rough. At the time it seemed like a good thing, but I am definitely someone who over-exfoliates. I find with chunkier, grittier scrubs that I'm more likely to cause redness in sensitive areas (like around my nose and across my cheeks). 

The fineness of the scrub makes it great for sensitive skin, and it's creaminess keeps it hydrating. The tiny beads within this scrub disintegrate as you work it into your face, so you don't have to worry about over doing it and scrubbing for too long. 

These 'popping' beads are also fabulous if you are conscious about the environment! Soap & Glory stopped using microbeads in all their products three years ago, so you won't have to worry about damaging any sea life!

There are two types of beads made up of silica and salicylic acid. The silica is what gives your skin the immediate glow after you use the scrub - it's amazing! It is also proven to even your complexion and improve skin cell renewal. Salicylic acid (which you've probably heard of) is a well-known fighter of acne and blemishes. It reduces pores and sebum production, as well as being an anti-inflammatory.

This scrub is only £9. which I think is so affordable for skincare! You can pick it up here, or in any Boots store! 

Overall, I'm so pleased with this scrub. I really didn't think I was going to like it, but now it is going to be one of my shower staples! I love how hydrating and light the exfoliant is, making it really gentle on my skin.

Have you tried this scrub? What did you think? Or do you have another scrub of choice? Let me know!

*This post was supported by Soap & Glory but as always all views & opinions are my own*

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