Friday 19 May 2017

FESTIVAL Hacks Every Girl Should Know!

Festival season is coming up!

Although partying and listening to music with your friends is fun, there will be parts of it that are not so kick-ass! To be frank, you'll probably be stuck in a freezing tent, with no electricity, rubbish showers and little space. That doesn’t by any means outweigh the whole experience, but you’ll need to get organised! Here are our top tips so that you can still LOOK your best, even if you don’t FEEL your best:

1. Pack your SPF
This is by far the most important! If you are walking around outside all day, you need to protect your skin (yes, even if it's cloudy!) Take this Garnier Ambre Solaire BB Cream with SPF50, and you won’t need to pack foundation!

2. Leave your perfume at home
Fragrances are bulky, expensive and normally made of glass! Save some space in your bag (and the risk of it smashing) and bring your favourite body spray to spritz when you need a lift. They are cheap and durable, so it doesn’t really matter too much if you lose it. My favourite is the Soap & Glory Body Spray in Fruitigo as it smells like citrus, grapefruit and lemons - so refreshing and summery!

3. Go minimal
Take as little makeup as you can. In my Beauty Hacks post, you can see my favourite multi-tasking products which will save you heaps of space in your bag! In the heat and the sweaty crowds, your makeup isn’t going to stay perfect anyway! Instead, bring these Festival Sparkle Glitter Kits from New Look - Glitter doesn’t have to be precise, and it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t stay put throughout the day and night.

4. Ditch the lipstick
No one has time for lining their lips and reapplying lipstick! It is fiddly, high maintenance and makes it difficult to eat and drink. The Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks are a great alternative: they are hydrating, easy to apply and long lasting! They come in five gorgeous shades (and are 3 for 2 in Boots right now!)

5. Opt for waterproof
Bringing as much waterproof makeup as possible means your makeup has the best chance of staying on! Rain and sweat will cause standard makeup to slide around and run down your face. A lot of your fave mascaras will have a waterproof version – mine is the Too Faced Better Than Sex, it does not budge!

6. Grab some dry shampoo
The queues are long, the water is cold and the showers are awful! You will NOT have the time or the effort to fully wash your hair! Dry shampoo will be your saviour. Have you tried the NEW Soap & Glory Rushower Dry Shampoo? You might have heard Emily Canham raving about it on her Instagram story the other day! It leaves practically no residue and has the original pink scent, ideal for freshening up at a festival. It even comes in a perfect for packing mini size!

7. Plan your hair
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That sounds like a huge effort, but I don’t mean literally plan every hair style. It’s normally best to save braids for the last day where your hair is super greasy, and do any cute wavy hair styles for the first days! Make sure you’ve always got a hair band on your wrist because there will be times where you just NEED your hair off your face and neck.

8. Prepare!
Before you leave, make sure you’re fully packed (obvs). Get a spray tan, curl or straighten your hair, and paint your nails at home – that way you don’t have to bring any extra products!

9. Sunglasses will be your best friend
If you have a total face fail, you can always rely on sunnies. If you’re tired, your makeup looks awful, or you just can’t be bothered – whack on a pair of sunglasses and no one will ever know! Get a few pairs you love and bring them along with you – I always go to ASOS for affordable sunglasses, they have never failed me!

Hopefully, these hacks have given you some ideas for when your packing for your festivals this year! 

What are your top tips for festivals? Which ones are you heading out to this summer?

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