Wednesday 31 May 2017

Get Glowy & Bronzed With Soap & Glory: REVIEW

🌞 Summer is around the corner, which means we all want to be super bronzed and super glowy!😍✨

Today I'll be talking about my top 3 favourite Soap & Glory products that will make your skin amazingly tanned and flawless... 

If my aim is to be tanned, the first thing I'll do is tan my body. I prefer to tan my bod first because then it's easier to match your face up to your whole body, than your whole body to your face!

I never even knew Soap & Glory did fake tan until I got my hands on this! I absolutely love this product, I use it for every night out now!

Here is a before and after:

You can apply it straight to your body as it's a spray, not a fiddly mousse or lotion. I do tend to just blend it in with my hands if I'm in a serious rush, but I prefer to use a mitt!

If you've ever used Sally Hansen's Airbush Legs, it is really similar to that (but ALOT cheaper!) It has the same red terracotta undertone, and has a similar thick foundation consistency. It isn't heavy though, and still leaves your skin soft and with a lovely glow! 

I feel like the bottle for this is so medicinal and ambiguous (and the name is hilarious)... If you didn't know, it's basically a tinted moisturiser with a tan in it!

It is such a glowy, dewy tinted moisturiser, and the sun-kissed colour it gives is gorgeous. It's an instant wash-off tan, so when you take your makeup off it comes right off!

The coverage is sheer as you'd expect for a tinted moisturiser but it is definitely buildable.

The way it works is so so cool. You only need a tinyyyy amount, and it comes out WHITE which is pretty confusing?! If you look really closely it has weeny little brown beads in it, that literally burst when you massage it into your skin to give you gorgeous colour! 

It really really reminds me of the Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream, in the way that it adapts to your skin tone. If I've fake tanned, this will give me a bit of extra colour and glow, but if I am pale it doesn't make me crazy dark.

I love love love to put this after my moisturiser but before primer, it gives such a gorgeous colour and glow under your makeup. I have honestly used it every day since I got it, which is why the tube looks understandably battered! 

In summer I love to just ditch contour all together in the day time. The last thing you want on a hot day is to have your contour going muddy and patchy! I prefer to just roughly bronze my cheeks, temples, and jawline instead of attempting a chiseled look.

This bronzer is honestly gooooorgeous! I have never played with cream bronzers until now. I say that this is a bronzer because I'm super pale, but it would be an amazing highlighter on deeper skin tones!

It is super sheer, it literally just gives a gorgeous bronzy colour and GLOW! It is beautiful to warm the face up like I said, and if I'm on a night out I love to use it on my shoulders, chest and collarbones - it makes your skin look incredible!

I literally just swipe my stippling brush across the top of the stick and blend it in... It's as easy as that!

What are your favourite products to get tanned and glowy with? Have you tried any of these bits? What did you think?!

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