Thursday 11 May 2017

Beauty Hacks For The Poor & Lazy Student!

As students, we are all seriously low on cash and time! I have always been crazy to find any hacks that will save me time and money, so I can spend my $$$ elsewhere and get that extra 10 mins in bed! I have compiled a list of my top ten hacks that I honestly use and love on the reg:

1. Applying your perfume cleverly

If you spray your perfume on to your “pulse points”, the heat from your body will release your fragrance all day. Also, spraying your fragrance onto your clothes and hair will keep your scent for hours, meaning no need for a respray. Tip: Do NOT rub your perfume, it will break down the scent!

2. Nailing a quick makeup routine

If you cherish your sleep, make sure you’ve got a five-minute makeup routine in your repertoire. This means you can just roll out of bed at the last second and quickly whip it on! Check out my go-to speedy routine here.

3. Bring the expensive spa to your home

Perfecting an at-home pamper routine, means you won’t ever have to splash out at the salon. To give yourself a DIY facial, invest in this little cutie from Soap & Glory. It’s perfect to give your face a deep massage and cleanse at home. Follow with a hydrating mask like the Mario Badescu Healing & Soothing mask, and finish with your usual skin care routine.

4. Optimising your hair drying
Towels are a thing of the past. Get yourself a hair turban towel like this one from S&G. The light material and absorbing fibres dry your hair ASAP, and you can do your makeup while it’s at work!

5. Using toilet roll instead of blotting paper

I have Wayne Goss to thank for this one! If you are out and about, and you’ve forgotten your translucent powder or you simply don’t want to add more powder to your face – use loo roll! Take a piece, pull the layers apart and use one thin sheet it to blot away any oil. If you also do this after applying foundation it will absorb the excess moisture, setting your foundation and preventing oxidisation.

6. Painting and drying your nails quickly
After you paint your nails with a quick-dry nail varnish, like this one from Barry M, use a nail drying spray to get yourself out the door in no time. If your saving money, holding your nails in ice water (or under running water) works just as well to dry your nails quickly!

7. Using apple cider vinegar as toner
If your skin is breaking out, it may be time to go back to basics! Expensive products are pumped full of chemicals, and apple cider vinegar mixed with water can work as an amazing toner. It may sound really harsh and scary, but I promise it’s not! Simply swipe the solution across your face with a cotton pad. Here are the perfect quantities for your skin type:

SENSIVITE: 1 part vinegar + 4 parts water
NORMAL/DRY: 1 part vinegar + 2 parts water
OILY: 1 part vinegar + 1 part water

8. Investing in multitasking products
Instead of buying 20 products that do 20 different things, it would be much more logical to buy 4 products that do five things each, right?! My favourite multi-tasking product is the new Soap & Glory Mighty Contourer which contours, highlights and blushes! I also love to use blushes and bronzers as eyeshadows, and eyeshadows as brow products.

9. Using one foundation for every base
I am a huge fan of just buying a full coverage foundation and adapting it! I use the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation for a full coverage, matte base. To add a glow, mix in Soap & Glory Hocus Focus illuminating lotion. To create a lighter coverage, add in your daily moisturiser until it’s the consistency you desire! I use half foundation and half moisturise for a gorgeous BB-Cream like base.

10. Making a DIY brush cleanser
You don’t need to splash out on a spenny brush cleanser, a DIY solution can work just as well! Check out my brush cleaning post, to see my favourite cleanser concoctions!

I hope my hacks have given you some inspo to save some of your precious money and time! Have you ever tried any of these? What are your favourite tips?

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