Thursday 9 March 2017

Colour Correcting & Concealing For Flawless Spring Skin

Spring Time is all about flawless, fresh and natural looking skin! One great way to make your skin look as good as possible is to get into colour correcting. This is a whole new level of concealing, and it's amazing! 

It based on the colour wheel:

The colour of the concealer counteracts the opposite colour on the colour wheel. So orange counteracts blue, green counteracts red, yellow counteracts purple (and vice versa!) To be honest you don't really need that many colours if you are just doing your own makeup and catering for one skin tone! I have really pale skin and the colours I use are yellow, orange and green!

I am absolutely loving these Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealers at the moment to colour correct! They are just £8 at Boots, and their 'chubby stick' style packaging makes them so incredibly easy to draw on your face. I was so so against concealers in a stick, they reminded me of the cheap nasty makeup you'd buy in high school. For years and years I have just used liquid concealers - but these have converted me! They also have a super creamy formula, meaning they blend beautifully into the skin.

The white stick is the Super-Blur Eraser, and actually isn't really a colour correcter at all. It' a formula of wax and light oils, that comes out clear with a tiny hint of flesh. It is basically an awesome primer which you just draw on your face where you need it, filling in lines and generally smoothing the skin.

The yellow stick is my personal fave: the Fake Awake! It is a yellow toned concealer for under your eyes, which banishes any purpley-blue dark circles. I really love this one because it is technically a cream product, but it is so so light on the skin and doesn't go cakey at all! It isn't as thick as you would find in a cream contour palette, so I use this for every day highlighting and it blends out beautifully.

The green stick is called All Is Calm. Unlike Fake Awake, I would only ever use this under my foundation, and it is really great at counteracting any redness and blemishes! It is fine for me as I have really pale skin, but you have to be quite careful with green concealers as they can make your skin look white and ashy - so use sparingly!

The purple stick is the Just Bright concealer, perfect for camouflaging any dull, tired skin. Admittedly, I rarely use this as lavender concealers are used to counteract yellow, and I have a really pink skin tone. I never really have sallowness or yellow in my skin, so I don't use this one on a daily basis!

I also love to use this Kick Ass 3-Piece Concealer Set, which I have just recently discovered! In all honestly I have just had it lying around my room, and I hadn't really opened it and played around until the other day - and I LOVE it! The more pink concealer is perfect for directly under the eyes, as it covers up any blue tones in the skin. The yellow concealer is the ideal flesh colour for covering up any blemishes that are still visible after foundation. There is also a tiny translucent setting powder, which I don't really understand the need for, but it's fab! The powder is actually really finely milled and light which I was so pleasantly surprised about! 
This trio great to throw in your bag so you don't have to carry heaps of makeup around with you!


Firstly use the Super-Blur Eraser to apply the product all over the face (or just where you need it) to act as a primer.

Apply the concealer over any redness and blemishes and blend out with a Beauty Blender. Don't blend it out too much or there won't actually be any colour left to counteract the redness. 
Apply a foundation of your choice with a pointed foundation brush and blend.

Use a concealer brush to apply a tiny amount of the yellow toned concealer to any blemishes that are still visible and blend out.

Dab the pink toned concealer directly under the eyes to cover up any circles, and blend out. 

Draw the concealer in a triangle directly under where the pink concealer was applied. Also apply it on the forehead, chin and down the nose. Make sure it is well blended. 
Finish off your makeup how you like it!

...And that is how I have been colour correcting my face lately! 
I really love how much better my foundation and skin is looking, and the Super-Blur is working as a brilliant primer!

Do you ever colour correct? What are your go-to products for it?

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  1. I can't wait until I visit the UK in May and get my hands on some Soap and Glory products!!! :) Thank you for sharing your thoughts !!:)
    xoxo Annaleid

    1. hey love! ooh your gonna have so much fun, their products are SO bomb!! thanks so much I'm glad you enjoyed!! Xxx