Monday 20 March 2017

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Range: REVIEW!

I have been absolutely OBSESSED with the Soap & Glory Whipped Clean Shower Butter for the longest time, and I reviewed the Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub years ago (You can read it HERE!) So obviously I was so SO excited to receive some more goodies from the Smoothie Star range! The scent is so gorgeous: Its sweet almond and vanilla, and smells like delicious marzipan and cakes! It is without a doubt my favourite S&G smell! I’ve been lathering myself in the body spray, body lotion and the buttercream over the last few weeks, and I’m going to share my thoughts…

So first of all, the spray. It is basically the wonderful scent packed all into a bottle! It’s also got a base of sandalwood and musk, with ‘Active Refresher technology and hunger-pang-inducing aromas’ - I have been hitting the Easter chocolate hard, so at least I have something to blame it on! I think this scent is actually quite a unisex scent, which I was so surprised about because normally you think of sweet fragrances when you think of S&G! It’s so musky and rich, so if you’re not into girly scents then this may be the one for you.

I’ve been using this every single morning, and I love it! At the start, I was a bit confused about what is actually was, because I always thought you used a body milk in the shower. But it is a body LOTION!
It’s full of cocoa butter, shea butter, and coconut oil, so it is really hydrating. It is such a light moisturiser compared to the buttercream, so it’s perfect to start your day. It sinks in fairly quickly and doesn’t leave you feeling slimy and greasy! You barely know you have it on once it's sank in, so it's perfect to quickly slap on in the mornings. AND it smells so so delicious, like almond, brown sugar and honey, mmm… 

This is hands down my favourite product of the range! I’ve been using this buttercream every night before bed because it’s so thick and luxurious. It is really similar to the Whipped Clean Shower Butter, which is probably why I love it so much. It has the same amazing sweet smell with pistachio, almond and delicious vanilla. I use it in the evening and wash it off in the morning because it does sit on top of the skin, which is perfect for deep moisturising overnight!
If you have dry skin this would be amazing as a daily moisturiser, but it is a bit too thick for me to wear out in the day time. However, I do use it if I’m fake tanned because that is when my skin does get's the most dry. It has five different oils in it which makes it really really nourishing - if you use it after you exfoliate then your skin feels absolutely incredible!

If you haven’t tried anything from the Smoothie Star range, you definitely need to! It’s the perfect sweet delicious smell for Easter, and it is, in my opinion, the best scent S&G have ever done. I've spoken about every single product from the range (oops!) except the body wash which I’m really excited to try soon!

Have you used anything from this range? What did you think? Let me know!

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