Thursday 23 March 2017

And as you can see our GLAMbassadors are getting into the fundraising spirit and sporting the gorgeous Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick in 'Poppy Power'!

Comic Relief are an amazing charity that we all grew up with and love! They support thousands of projects across the UK and Africa.
This Red Nose Day, 5 main issues are being focused on...


The money raised by Comic Relief will be used to treat and prevent diseases, raise mental health & domestic violence awareness, provide quality education, and so so much more. 

Every tiny bit makes so much difference, so if you can donate PLEASE DO! And if you can take some time to fundraise, EVEN BETTER! 

Here are some awesome ideas that #RND suggest, that will truly make a massive difference:
- Wearing RED: like we have with our gorgeous lippy!
- Holding a Bake Sale (or even a savoury snack sale)
- Dying or shaving your hair
- Holding a quiz night
- Giving up something
- Hosting a RED party

Head over to the Red Nose Day website to check out all their other brilliant and easy ideas! 

But if you're a bit bored of the usual fundraising ideas, we've come up with a few FUN, DIFFERENT and EASY ways to really help out the charity of your choice:

Why don't you and your housemates cook a meal for all of your friends? It's so easy, fun, and not too expensive! If you're really strapped for cash you could just use what you already have in your cupboards and freezer, or ask everyone to bring a dish! Our personal favourite would obviously be a MEXICAN NIGHT! Cook up lots of chicken and vegetables, get loads of tortilla wraps, then go crazy on toppings! Buy in the cheese, salsa, sour cream, and guac or ask everyone to bring a topping. Charge entry, or at the end of the night ask everyone to pay what they think the meal is worth!

Pick out your favourite movies and invite your friends round - It's as simple as that! Head down to B&M and get some super cheap snacks that you love, and sell them to your pals. If they know it's all for a good cause they won't mind paying a few quid for a big bowl of popcorn!

What's your game of choice? Our glambassadors LOVE Mario Kart (and they're pretty good at it too!) If you don't, someone you know will have a console and some kick-ass games! Charge people to enter a big competition, and use part of the money to buy a prize for the worthy winner. If you don't want to take any money out of your charity $$$ then the trophy can just be PRIDE!

We all LOVE bake sales, cake, and all that good stuff. We had SO much fun making delicious brownies for a fab cause. But it may be time to get a bit more creative with your stall! Why don't you get up early and sell bacon rolls, sausage rolls, coffee and cereal bars for the 9 am lecture crowds? OR set up in the library and sell some well-needed revision snacks and drinks that the cafe doesn't serve! Figure out what students at your uni would love and roll with it.

This one is probably the easiest and can get really really hilarious. Have a forfeit jar in your house: If you break the rules you have to pay. Get anyone who enters your house to pay up for swearing, or make-up whatever rules you want! All the money in the jar can go to your charity of choice.

Let's be honest, we've all got a shed load of clothes, shoes and makeup that we hardly use. Set up an account on Depop or eBay and sell all your unwanted stuff! Let your friends know it's all for CHARITY, and people will definitely buy something. You won't even miss it, and the money you earn could make an amazing difference.

Are you an artist? Create some prints and sell them online. Are you a musician? Hold a gig at your local. All your profits can go to a great cause, and you are showing off your amazing talents at the same time!

We really hope we've inspired you to have some fun and get fundraising! It can be so easy, and it every little bit really does change to the world. 

Let us know how YOU are raising money for #REDNOSEDAY! And if you want to donate to Comic Relief and the amazing work they do, click HERE and give any tiny bit that you can! 

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