Thursday 16 March 2017

Kick-Ass Interview with HANNAH RENÉE!

"I’ve always believed in myself and I think that is something that’s really important… Never to doubt yourself."

Are you procrastinating? Tired and fed up of slogging through those Easter deadlines?! We’ve been chatting away to our incredible new bestie, Hannah Renée, (we wish!) to get our motivation back, and smash the rest of this term!

Here at Soap & Glory, we are all about rewarding girls for being KICK-ASS and super inspiring, whether that be in their studies, sports or charity work. We absolutely LOVE embracing all the GLAMazing girls we have in this city, and celebrating their success!

So when we got the chance to catch up with our favourite Youtuber, Hannah Renée, we were so so SO excited! Han is almost definitely THE biggest beauty vlogger in Manchester, and if you love YouTube, you will definitely be subscribed to her!

With over 350,000 subscribers, 100,000 Instagram followers and 45,000 Twitter followers, Han is absolutely KILLING it right now – and we love her! Her channel is jam-packed full of incred beauty and fashion vids (our fave are her testing videos where she tries out loads of products from one brand!)

SO! We asked Han a shed load of questions about how she got into her job as a YouTuber, being from Manchester and the struggles of breaking into the creative industry. Her work ethic and drive really is an inspiration to us all!

So many girls want to go into this industry but are really worried that they won’t be taken seriously, and it’s not a ‘real career’, so we are super grateful for Han’s fab advice…

You did amazing in your studies! Did anyone ever make you feel like you were ‘wasting it’ on something creative?
Thank you so much! There were definitely times when my parents were the tiniest bit concerned because I feel like being successful in a creative industry isn’t something that’s always guaranteed, no matter how hard you work, there’s always a little bit of luck involved too! However, I had my heart set on what I wanted to do and what made me happy, and they didn’t mind once I’d finished my A-Levels because we always saw those as a backup, should I have ever wanted to go to uni and pursue something more academic.

Did anyone ever make fun of you, or doubt you?
The only people I told were my parent and my boyfriend at the time. I wanted to keep it quiet because I had no idea whether it would go anywhere or whether I would stick to it! My parents didn’t really think anything of it at first I guess, my boyfriend teased me a little but I guess that just encouraged me to work harder at it! Once things began to really take off and my friends started to find out, everyone was pretty supportive!

Do you ever worry about the financial side?
Yes, I still get worried about that now! At the start, I was in college so I never even considered the fact that I would one day be making any sort of money from it. When I left college and decided not to go to uni, I still had a job and I also lived at home so there was never too much pressure, but I guess now that I support myself and make content as a full-time job, it is a little daunting! Definitely still adjusting to adult life! But I’ve always believed in myself and I think that is something that’s really important in a creative industry, never to doubt yourself.

What advice would you give to other girls who want to pursue something creative but are worried that it won’t be taken seriously or it’s not a ‘real job’?
It’s really important to believe in yourself and your ability and to not let other people put you down or make you doubt yourself. So many issues stem from doubt. If you know you’re capable of something, work hard and you’ll get there! It definitely helps to have some form of backup, for example, I made sure I worked super hard at my A Levels should I ever need to fall back on them. But honestly, it really is about your attitude. There’s a difference between wanting something and actually putting the work in to get there and being able to visualise yourself once you have.

You’ve said on your channel that hard times in your life lead you to your career, what advice would you give to other girls who are going through a tough time at the moment?
I think it’s important to know that things will always work themselves out. If today is bad, tomorrow will be better! There’s usually always a way to draw something positive out of any situation. When I was in a toxic relationship, even though I spent time feeling upset and lonely, I used that time to work and to plan. Again, it’s all about your attitude, you can either spend time dwelling on something, or you can pick yourself up and think of ways to bring out the best of a bad situation.

On to YouTube! So what brands do you love?
MAC will always have a special place in my heart because it was the first brand I used when I began falling in love with makeup and because I worked there when I was eighteen. I valued my time there and learned soooo much! There’s a lot of brands I love, though, Make Up Forever, L’Oreal, Rimmel, Makeup Geek – and Soap & Glory! I tend to love certain products from certain brands!

Apart from the obvs, Jacquelin Hill & Carli Bybel, who are your fave Youtubers?
Would have to say Rach Leary, of course, she really is my lil rock! I love Manny MUA, Chloe Morello, Kathleen Lights, people like that! Mostly because they inspired me when I was first starting out and because they seem like lovely people!

What’s the best thing about what you do?
Having such an extended family from all over the world! Nothing beats meeting and chatting with people who share my love for makeup and support me!

And the worst?
Probably negativity and nasty comments. I’m lucky that I don’t get too many but they can definitely get to you sometimes.

"I think it’s important to know that things will always work themselves out. If today is bad, tomorrow will be better!"

What’s one thing you wish people knew about your job?
It’s not as easy as it always looks! I think people think we just play around with makeup all day, which to be fair, we do! But filming and editing three videos a week can sometimes be hard! Wouldn’t change it for the world of course!

What’s made you stay up here in Manchester?
I honestly love it here. The majority of people are so kind hearted! I feel like it’s a city that teaches you good manners, gives you good music and allows you to be ambitious. I love representing everyone from Manchester too, makes me proud! It can be difficult as a lot of events are based in London, but I don’t mind the travel. Plus, it makes it extra special when there’s work and events in Manchester because it makes me feel super proud to be here!

Would you ever leave us?
I might move short term at some point, say 6 months or so. I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to live in America as I always loveee going for short breaks there, or maybe even London! But 100% I’ll always come home to Manchester.

What’s your fave thing to do in Manchester?
Northern Quarter! There’s nothing that beats Northern Quarter on the weekend, so many quirky little bars around, I honestly never have a bad night out!

Where’s your fave place to eat?
Probably Australasia, Or Artisan, they do the yummiest foods! 

And your fave place to shop?
Personally I love the Trafford Centre, because it’s free parking and all indoors, so you can hide away from the (often) shocking weather!

And finally, we have to ask… What’s you fave S&G product?!
Solar Powder!(£11) Best affordable bronzer in my opinion!

"It’s really important to believe in yourself and your ability and to not let other people put you down or make you doubt yourself. So many issues stem from doubt. If you know you’re capable of something, work hard and you’ll get there!"

Aww. We really love this girl! We hope that you are feeling super inspired and ready to kick-ass! And of course, thank you to the gorgeous, Han, for taking the time to speak to us so honestly!

Now get back to work and smash those Easter deadlines(with snacks)!

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